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Real Good Day
A place to get real about taking care of yourself and your community — just for the health of it. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @RGDcampaign

A beer before a sports game. A glass of sangria on the beach while on vacation. A rum and coke for a friend’s birthday. A few glasses of wine after a long day. A bit of scotch before watching your favorite show.

What does your relationship with alcohol look like? Do you see each other never, once every couple of weeks, or a few times each day? Mindfulness and alcohol might not seem like they have a lot of connections on the surface, but we’re here to build the bridge. …

Do you ever sit back and ask yourself: How amazing would it feel to be the next game show champion and win a million bucks? Picture this: you have ALL the right answers, the audience is cheering you on, and you’re able to rattle off stats and figures like it’s nobody’s business.

As much as we’d like to have all the answers and solutions to whatever life throws our way, we just don’t. We don’t mean to crush your vibe — we’re just here to keep it real. Everyone needs help. Whether you’re trying to decide what to eat for…

When you think about someone that’s real smart, what are some of the qualities of that person that come to mind? Is it the high number of non-fiction books they’ve read? Is it their ability to balance their work/homelife while still finding time to get after their passion projects? Or maybe it’s the way they’re able to recall any meme and/or niche pop culture reference from the last five years? Intelligence is something that is often approached from a variety of perspectives and often changes over time. …

Have you ever received a text from someone and immediately thought: “This person is DEFINITELY mad at me.” (Was that a period they added to the end of the sentence? Why is their reply message shorter than usual? Why didn’t they add at least three emojis?!) On the flip side, have you ever had someone come to you to clarify something you said over text?

All of this is to say — everyone communicates a bit differently though different mediums. The way you talk to your friends on the weekend is probably much different from the way you talk to…

Still feel like you’re thawing out a bit from winter?

Us too.

As a new season begins, we’re encouraging you to do some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. While picking up that pile of dirty laundry on the floor and addressing that health hazard of yours in the kitchen is *sorely* needed (seriously…would it kill you to wash a dish?), this month might also be a great time to clean up some of your health habits.

Different aspects of your health are more connected than you might think. What you eat helps prep you for your next workout, how you sleep…

Pop quiz! What type of tobacco products are good for you?

A) Vapes and e-cigarettes
B) Cigarettes
C) Dip
D) Cigarillos
E) Hookahs
F) None of the above

If you answered F — congratulations! You’ve won a huge prize (and if you guessed that the prize is ~healthier lungs~, you’re not wrong). In 2019, approximately 34 million adults smoked cigarettes. Recent studies highlight how more than 70 chemicals found in cigarettes have been linked to cancer, one of the many adverse side effects of tobacco.

When was the last time you set a boundary?

No — we aren’t talking about the fence in your backyard or that one time you said “no” to someone trying to recruit you to a pyramid scheme. We’re talking about healthy relationships.

Whether it’s with your friends, your family, your coworkers, your romantic partners, your digital devices or with some of your own behaviors — it is important to understand and communicate your needs. Keeping your boundaries solid takes time and effort. …

Even if you aren’t sure what to make of the idea that “everything in the universe is connected,” one thing is for sure: our brains and our bodies work well together.

Follow me on this one: our brains are connected to the rest of our body.
Yes… thanks Captain Obvious.

Our bodies need to move in order to stay healthy.
I’m tracking…

Which means our brains also need to be flexible and get to work — since there’s a connection between our mental health and physical health.
Right, right — so tell me more?

Experts at the Centers for Disease…

Feeling more burned out than usual (thanks 2020)? We’ve got you. If you’re looking for ways to stop procrastinating on building better health habits but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in the right place. Let’s face it — younger generations are experiencing new types of stress. From video chat overload to more experiences happening online than in-person, Millennials and Gen Z are facing increased device fatigue.

Here, we’re all about making this month (and every day) #RealGood, no matter the environment. Join us in getting a jump start on New Year’s resolutions with these three tips:

Set boundaries often…

Imagine: you’re sitting around the dinner table with your family. The green bean casserole is on the table, your cousin is working the mashed potatoes and your friend is unwrapping a dish full of stuffing he swears he added enough spices to. You start carving the turkey, and before everyone is even seated at the table, you hear the dreaded question: “so… what’s everyone thankful for this year?”

*Cue collective eye roll*

But what if we told you that you can take care of yourself by showing appreciation for others? 🤯 Saying a hearty “thank you” to the people, places…

Real Good Day

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